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Resident Evil Movie News

Info on the Resident Evil Movie

It is rumored that Jason Patrick (Speed 2) or Bruce Cambell (Evil Dead Series) will be playing as Chris Redfield.
Jill Valentine Will be played as Samantha Mathis(Broken Arrow) or Sarah Michellle Gellar ( Buffy[TV show]).
Barry Burton Shall Be either as Arnold Schwartzenegger (Terminator/2) or Jhon Goodman (Roseanne)
Bruce Payne (Passenger 57) or Robert Patrick (Terminator 2) shall be Albert Wesker.
Kenneth Shall either be Samuel Jackson (Pulp Fiction) or Danny Glover (Lethal Weapon Series). Rebecca is thought to be Jennifer Love Hewitt. It is still not known who the Director is however, Andrew Kevin Walker is rumored to be the Screenwriter after George Romero was fired.

Resident Info

At the moment, nobody is making the movie. George Romero stopped working on the movie after an arguement between him and the producers. Capcom and Resident Evil Creator (Shinji) are still looking for a screenwriter and a director for the movie

Be sure to let me know what you hear and I'll add it to this page!