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Raccoon City


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Leon's 2nd walkthrough

Right when you start the game, work your way around the rubbish here, and
over to the tiny cabin. Inside you should find the Cabin Key. Grab it, then
leave this room and approach the nearby door on the larger Cabin. Use the
Cabin Key on it and run through it, and make your way to the back stairs of
the Police Station, near some stairs.

Use the stairs to find the entrance to the Police Station, and enter the
hallway full of crows. Grab any herbs here, then work your way to the
main balcony, overlooking the main floor (the one with the statue). Run
up to the Emergency Ladder, activate it (lower it), and run to the other
end of the path to find the Unicorn Medal. Now make your way downstairs
and to the main floor with the statue (use the Emergency Ladder).

Once down here, run up to the desk and take the Shotgun here. Now use the
Unicorn Medal on the large statue to get the Spade Key from it. Unlock the
blue-ish door here, because you will need to get through it later. Head back
upstairs to the second floor, and use the hallway of crows to get to the
Squad Room, and get the Valve Handle from inside. Return to the crow
hallway, and exit back outside to the wreckage. Use the Valve Handle on
the on the broken water valve to put out the fire on the crashed
helicopter. Take the Shotgun Shells from the now-gone fire, then re-enter
the Police Station.

Run through the hallway of crows again, and avoid the Tyrant, but you
might take some damage, so use some Herbs. Exit the hallway, and
make your way through the area where the crashed helicopter crashed
inside the Police Station. Avoid the Lickers as best as you can (or you
can use your Shotgun), then enter the room at the end of this hallway.
Inside here, grab the Blue Card Key from inside, then go back downstairs
to the Main Hall with the statue.

Use the Blue Card Key on the main computer on the desk where you got the
Shotgun to unlock some doors. Now head through the doors nearest to the
statue. Pass by the Licker or kill him, your choice, and follow the
hallway until you get to the Briefing Room. Inside here, go to the back of
the room and use your Lighter on the fire place to reveal the Red Jewel. Now
continue down the hallway and go up the stairs at the end, and follow
the hallway at the top of the stairs until you get to a statue puzzle.
Just push the statues on the two greyish areas on the ground so that they
face the main statue. This will cause another Red Jewel to come loose.
Take it.

Now go through the next door to the right of the statues, and enter the
S.T.A.R.S Office. Inside here, take the Magnum out of the Locker. Leave
the room, and continue down the hallway, and go through the door. Here you
will find Sherry Berkin. She'll leave quickly, so search the dark hallway
for some Ammo and the Diamond Key. Leave the way you came in here, and
make your way to the Library, which is on the other side of the Police
Station. Intentionally fall through the floor and you will now have to
solve the shelf puzzle:

S1: Right
S2: Right

Take any herbs in here, then you will get a Plug from solving the Puzzle.
Now go back to where you first found Sherry, but on the way go into the
Locker Room, get the Heart Key and the Green Herb. Now return to the room
back where you got the Blue Card Key, near the Lickers.

In here, approach the statue towards the back, and use the 2 Red Jewels on
it, and you will recieve another Plug. Head downstairs to the Interrogation
Room to find another Plug (it's in the only unlocked door in the 2-door
hallway). Leave the room, and enter the Press Conference Room. Use your
lighter to light the 3 torches in here:

- 12
- 13
- 11

Light them in that order. This will allow you access to the Gold Cog. Grab
it, and avoid the Tyrant as you leave the room. Now follow the hallway
down to the stairway that leads down to the Police Station storage area
(basement). Follow the corridor, and go into the electrical room, and make
your way to the back of the room. Restore the power by solving this switch

U- Up
D- Down

___ ___ ___ ___ ___
| | | | | | | | | |
| U | | D | | U | | D | | U |
|___| |___| |___| |___| |___|

If you did this right, power will be restored to the Police Station. Return
back upstairs, and make your way to the second-floor of the Police Station,
and go to where the inner-wreckage was, and into the hall with Chief Iron's
office. Enter his office, and grab the Crank from inside the office, then
leave the room. Make your way to the third-floor of the Police Station, and
into the Gear Room.

Use the Crank on the hole near the stairs to lower them, and climb up them.
Now use the Gold Cog on the empty slot in the gears to reveal a hidden
switch. Flip the switch, then approach the newly-opened door. Grab the
Plug from inside here. Return downstairs and to the basement, and go into
the Garage past the electrical room.

In here you will meet Ada Wong. Agree to help her push the truck out of the
way to save Ben, and go through the door to get to Ben's cell. Speak to him,
then take the Manhole Opener from the shelf near his cell. Now go back
the way you came, and use the Manhole Opener on the Manhole near the dog
kennels. Go down the ladder. Make your way through the sewers, and go into
the open room where there is a door that uses the Chess Plugs to open it.

Search the room, then exit it to find Ada again. This will start a small
quest where you play as Ada. Move into the area with the boxes, and move
them so that they are all lined up. Go up the stairs and hit the switch
to activate the water. The boxes should have made a bridge to get to the
other side of the room. Just search the area with Ada to find some Ammo
and the Club Key. Now go back to where you met Leon.

She'll give Leon whatever she picked up, including the Club Key. Go back
the way you came, and go past the Garage, and through the Watchman's hall,
avoid the dogs, and enter the Autopsy Room and get the Red Card Key. Leave
the room and enter the Weapons room by using the Red Card Key on the lock
and take the Side-Pack. Now return back up the the third-floor of the
Police Station, and back into the Gear Room. Take the Knight Plug if you
haven't, then drop into the vent and you will drop back into the basement
with the cells.

Go back to Ben's cell and see if he's there. You will find out SHOCKING
REVELATIONS in the story...but I won't ruin anything for you. After ALL of
the coversation and mucky stuff, go back through the sewers and to the
room with the Plug-Powered door is. Once in here, you will have to face
a mutated William Birkin. Just dodge his attacks (he is rather slow),
and blast him with your Shotgun till he drops. Once he is down for the
count, run past him and place all four of your Chess Plugs into the
door. The door should unlock. Enter it.

Run through the sewers, and ride the nearby elevator to another hallway, and
then follow that hallway to find Mrs. Birkin. She'll shoot you, so someone
will have to take over for you to find Annette. You will now take control
Ada. Follow Annette through the hallway and throught the sewer, and up
the ladder and through the large fan. Soon enough, you will find her. After
the long cut-scenes, Ada will "take care" of Annette. Use the ladder that is
nearby, and go across the bridge to re-gain control of Leon again.

Head back to the control room with all of the dead bodies (near where Ada
shot Annette), and get the Wolf Medal from the bodies. Go to the large bridge
in the sewers near you, and use the Valve Handle to lower it. Run across
the bridge, then use the Valve Handle again to raise it for later. Continue
along through the corridor, and if you DID NOT kill the alligator here, just
release the steel cansister on the left hand wall, and shoot it when the
Alligator picks it up to kill him. Enter the dump room beyond the alligator
hallway to meet Ada again. Now climb the ladder and search the dead bodies
to find the Eagle Medal.

Return to the large fan that you passed through earlier with Ada. Now it's
going fast. Use the Valve Handle to stop the fan so you can pass it. Climb
the ladder and go through the fan to the other side of the sewer, and use
the Eagle and Wolf Medals on the control panel near the waterfall. When the
water stops, go through the newly-found door.

Find the switch to the cable car, and activate it. Now enter the car and
use it to get to the Factory. Inside, you must fight parts of Birkin again.
Don't shoot him at all. Just let Ada blast him and he'll leave in time. Once
the cable car stops, exit it, and light the flare with your lighter to reveal
the Weapons Box key. Grab it, then enter the Factory. Follow the hall to the
left, then at the end go right to find a dead body. There are some Shotgun
parts on it, so take them. Go through the nearest door, and follow the path
until you reach a fork in the road. Go left and up the ladder at the end to
get some Ammo. Leave the room and head into the monitoring room. You will
find the Control Panel Key in here. If you look at the monitors, you will
see that the Tyrant is coming your way, so use the Magnum to kill him. Grab
the Magnum Rounds off of him, then leave the room. Return all the way back to
the Save Room where Ada is, and use the Control Panel Key on the panel near

Leave and go back outside to the lift, and hit the button next to it.
Enter the lift. Grab the Magnum Rounds from the back of the lift, and you
will see Birkin injure Ada. Equip either the Custom Shotgun or Magnum, and
go outside to fight Birkin again. Blast him with enough powerful rounds so
that he stays far away from you. When he is down, go back inside the lift
and you will see another cut-scene.

Leave the lift when it stops, and run straight into the Save Room. Save your
game and dump whatever you need to. Now push the nearby box onto the lift
elevator. Push it to the room with the other boxes so you can get this done
fast. Now find the smaller elevator and take it down a level to find some
Lickers. Run through the next room and into the room with the Main Elevator
Power Switch. Activate it, then leave and go all the way back to the main
elevator that you just activated. Use it, and kill the nekkid zombies here,
and go down the corridor, and head through the right hand hallway, then
go through the eastern door. Head left until you find another door, and go
through it. Continue through the next door to find the Fuse Case, then
use it on the computer here to get the Main Fuse. Go back to that fork with
the power generator in the center, and use it on the generator. Now go
through the west door instead.

Enter the B.O.W room and turn on the sprinkler system if you need to by
using the computer, and then grab the Flamethrower from the locker here. Now
also take the Lab Card Key from this room. Light that plant that is coming
through the hole in the wall with your Flamethrower, and go into the hole
to find a room with some ammo. Take it, then leave. Flip the nearby switch
on the wall to open a shutter, and flame the plant-things. Go through the
door that they were near, and go down the long ladder and go through the
door at the bottom. Kill the Lickers in here, then go into the lab. Use
the Weapon Box Key on the weapon box (duh), and you should get the Magnum
Parts. Head into the inner lab and get the Power Room Key and Lab Card Key.

Head back towards the elevator, and into the Lab by using the Lab Card Key.
Inside, blast off any bugs that are on the computer, and enter "Nemesis"
(good choice, no?) as the user name, then use your fingerprints. Now head back
to where you fought those Plants near the shutters, and enter your finger
prints. Go back to the Main elevator and ride it to B1.

Return to the place where you pushed that crate from a while ago, and climb
up it, and use the crates to get to the Power Room. Now Ada will help you
get away from the Tyrant here. Grab the Master Key from the floor, then
go to the area where Claire hid Sherry from Claire's scenario.

Now bring Sherry with you to the main elevator, and use the Master Key on
the control panel at the back of it. Now you will be able to get to the
emergency train. Go into the train to find the Platform Key, then leave
the train and use the key on the outer gate near the train. Run onto the
platform and take the 2 High Capacity Plugs so you can restore power. Now
run through the door near the stairs to find the generator where you use
these plugs.

Use them on the generator to restore power, then you must fight the Tyrant.
Blast him with your Magnum, but try to save ammo. Try to waste as much time
as possible, and after a while, Ada will toss you a Rocket Launcher. Aim it
and fire that rocket into the Tyrant's ass. Try to save one Rocket... After
he's dead, go back towards the train. Hit the button near all of the zombies
to unlock the gate. Head through it and get back onto the train. Save your
game at the typewriter, then try to use the lever in the front of the train.
It won't work, so head to the back car of the train to fight the final boss:
William Birkin......again.

This time Birkin is one big blob of goo...and tenticles. Stay as far away
from him as humanly possible, and unload EVERYTHING you have on him:
Magnum rounds, shotgun rounds, pistol bullets, and hopefully a Rocket if you
saved one. After enough damage, he'll die, and you will watch the ending
credits roll, and a damn good cut-scene.