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Raccoon City


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Leon's 1st walkthrough


Run forward a few steps (Street #1) then put two sluggs into the Zombie directly in front of you. This should knock him down, allowing you to pass without being bitten. Continue though the street, avoiding the other Zombies, and hang a left down the alley to the Gun Shop (Street #2).

Once the owner has locked the door behind you, go behind the right counter and grab the box of Hand Gun Shells. Then behind the left counter for more. Once the owner is attacked, you can fend off the Zombies for the owner's Shotgun or leave the Gun Shop via the back door.

Run though the alley, past the Zombie basketball players, to the van (Street #3). Grab the Hand Gun Shells from the van then turn around and shoot at the Zombies enough times to knock them down. Once they're down, run into the B-ball court and out the other side.

Up the stairs, over the catwalk, down the stairs and into the garbage cans for another box of Hand Gun Shells (Street #4). Climb up on the Dumpster and put about 3 slugs into the female Zombie. Once she has fallen, jump off the Dumpster and scoot past the other Zombies.

Run though the street, past the munching Zombies, and get into the bus (Street #5). Inside, grab the HG Shells and run up to the crawling Zombie. Let her chew on you a sec, then squish her head. Put 3 shells in the other Zombie then run past him and back into the street.

Find your way though this batch of Zombies to the Gate then take the stairs below (Street #6) to come out on the right side of the Police Department. At the top of the stairs is a planter. You can find a Green Herb here. Now go inside.

Racoon City Police Department
1st Floor 2nd Floor Basement

Upon arriving, enter the 2nd door on the left (PD-1#1). Inside, you'll find the last living officer. He'll give you the Blue Key Card. When you leave, the door locks behind you. Turn left and run around the desk to the opening. Find the Computer (PD-1#7) and use the Blue Key Card. Before you leave the desk, grab the box of shells.

Run on toward the front of the room, turning right in front of the statue, and entering the 1st door (PD-1#2). Welcome to the 1st Save Room. Stowe the Knife then continue though.

Run though the hallway, stopping at the headless body and checking it twice for a box of shells (PD-1#3). Further down the hall is a pool of blood. Upon invesigation, a Licker drops from the celing. Cut to the right and run right past him. Enter the door.

Run though this narrow hall till you reach the Conference Room doors. Enter the room and make your way to the back (PD-1#4). Find the Fireplace and use your Lighter. Grab the Red Gem then return to the hall.

Turn right and continue to the end of the hall. Open the door and quickly run/cut left past the Zombies to get to the stairs. Up the stairs and down the hall to the games first puzzle (PD-2#1).

You need to push the Bronze Bust to the pad near the door, and the Gray Bust to the opposite pad. The 2nd Red Gem will be released into your custody. Leave through the door.

Run down the hall, sticking to the left and enter the S.T.A.R.S. office (PD-2#2) as soon as you can. Find the Locker on your right and grab the Shotgun. Go to the Desks in the middle of the room, search the left on for Chris's Diary. Under it you'll find the Unicorn Medallion. Claire enters, when she's done, leave.

Turn right and get away from those Zombies. You don't want to kill 'em just yet. Make your way back down stairs. When you do, coax the closest 3 Zombies, aim the Shotgun high, an' BLAM! take their heads off! Finish off the female Zombie now or later with the Hand Gun. Enter the door on the right. Rush in with the Shotgun and take care of that Licker (PD-1#3). From here, make your way to the Fountain in the Main Foyer (PD-1#8).

Use the Unicorn Medallion in the front of the Fountain and recieve the Spade Key. Return to the 1st Save Room (PD-1#2) to deposit the two Red Gems in the Item Box. Go to the hall where the Licker first attacked you and use the Spade Key on the door to the right (PD-1#5). Inside the File Storage room, push the steps up to the cabinet to find the Crank. With that found, leave and make your way back toward the S.T.A.R.S. office, noticing the two Green Herbs by the 2nd Save Room under the Stairs.

Outside of the S.T.A.R.S. office, take care of the 3 Zombies with your Hand Gun. Go to the end of the hall and use the Spade Key. Discard the key and enter with your Shotgun in hand (PD2:#3). Either take all the Zombies out now, or just run by them. There's a box of shells down the left hand hall, but the Library's down the right (PD2:#4).

Once inside, turn right and head up the stairs. Follow the balcony all the way around till you crash though the floor. Run forward, hit the power switch for the shelves, and return to them. The two on the left need to be moved Right, once. Doing so reveils the Bishop Plug. Exit via the doors that open to the 2nd Floor Balcony. Before you do, there's a Red Herb to the right of the doors.

Take off to the left, hitting the switch for the Emergency Ladder. Make your way all the way around to the 3rd Save Room (PD-2#5). Inside, take the Small Key from the bench on the right. Put the Small Key into the Item Box and take the 2 Red Jems. Exit though the other door.

Turn right and take the door leading to the Crow infested hall (PD-2#8). On your way though, pause at the downed officer for a box of HG Shells. Continue though the hall to the end, exiting to the Roof.

Hang a right and go down the stairs. Run around all four Zombies and enter the Cabin (Street:#9). Inside, find the Valve Handle and the box of shells then make your way back to the Roof.

Back by the door is an opening in the fence. Go there to find the Valve to the Water Tank (PD-2#10. Use the Valve Handle to extinguish the flaming Helicopter. Go to the cockpit of the Helicopter to find another box of HG Shells. Make your way back to the door of the 3rd Save Room.

Kill the 2 Zombies in this hall (PD-2#6) and pass the Helicopter for the door on the right. Inside, use the 2 Red Gems in the small busts on either side of the main statue (PD-2#7). Recieve the King Plug. Don't forget the Diamond Key and the Shotgun Shells before leaving.

Return to the 3rd Save Room to do some Inventory. Make sure you have the Shotgun, the Small Key, and get rid of the Valve Handle, King Plug and any Herbs. Go back to the Crow hallway and exit through the first door (PD-2#9). Grab some Herbs and enter the 1st Floor.

Check the body for another box of HG Shells then enter the office (PD-1#10). Get into the smaller office on the right and decapitate the Zombie guarding the safe. Enter this combination: 2236. Grab the Shotgun Shells. Exit the office via the double doors on the opposite end. Have the Shotgun ready (PD-1#9).

About 5 Zombies are here waiting for a head shot. Give 'em what they want then take off in the direction they came from. Entering the next hall, you'll want to enter the Interrogation Room (PD-1#13) using the Diamond Key. However, 4 Zombies are roaming this hall.

Go directly to the shelves across the room and grab the Rook Plug. When you turn to leave, a Licker crashes though the one- way mirror. Dispose of him and grab the Electric Cord on the table, then go out to the Main Foyer.

From the Main Foyer, take the Ladder up to the 2nd Floor Balcony and head left to the Library (PD-2:#4). Exit though the door next to the movable shelves and find the small desk.

Use the Small Key and get the Parts for your Hand Gun. Combine them with the Hand Gun. Continue down the hall, past the S.T.A.R.S. office, and down stairs. Hang a left and enter the Diamond Key Door (PD-1#6) with the Shotgun ready. Enter and take care of the Zombies in your way. Go to the drawers on your right, grab the Shotgun Shells then enter the Office (PD-1#1)

Use the Green Herb if you need to, then enter the smaller office where the black officer is now. Take his head off and grab the Heart Key and go to PD1#10. Go to the back of the office and hang a left to use the Heart Key. Green herbs are just inside the hall. Follow the hall down till you reach a Circuit Panel on the right wall. Use the Cord to drop large metal sheilds over the open windows. Left, around the stairs, to the shelves and grab some Shotgun Shells. Back to and down the stairs.

Welcome to the Basement (PD-B#1). First things first. Take out the 3 Dogs. Hang a right to the Power Room(PD-B#1). Left then back to find the panel controling the power. 1st-UP, 2nd-UP, 3rd-DOWN, 4th-UP, 5th-DOWN. Leave.

Turn left and enter the Parking Garage (PD-B#5). Ada makes her apperance and needs help moving a Van. Help her move it and enter the door you've uncovered. Ada takes off, you'd better follow. Run to the end of the hall and enter the door. Here is where you meet Ben (PD-B#6). Ada caughtes up, and Ben talks of conspiracies and a way out of town. Before chasing after Ada again, look on the wall for the Manhole Opener, then take off for PD-B#7.

Inside, you'll hear the noises of Dogs walking around. As long as you don't pick up the Red Herb, they won't bother you. Use the Opener on the Manhole and decent the ladder. Run though this crooked passage (Sewage #1) while avoiding the 2 Spiders. Ascend the stairs and enter the Save Room door on the left (Sewage #2). Make sure you have the 3 Plugs in your Inventory then split. Hang a left and enter that door (Sewage #3).

Sewage Disposal

Cross this room to the panel next to the door. Place the 3 Plugs into the panel then return to the hall. Ada showes up again and you give her a lift into an air vent. You take control of Ada (Sewage #8).

Bypass the 2 Dogs and cut left though the door (Sewage #4). Drop down the large steps and arrange the boxes to form a line/bridge against the wall. Climb back up the steps and hit the switch on the console. Use the bridge you just created to reach the other side of the room and retrieve the Club Key. Leave.

Just run forward and cut left to find the Lift. Take the Lift down, grab the Shotgun Shells then return to where you took control of Ada (Sewage #8). Ada throws over what she found to Leon then takes off. As Leon, pick up the items Ada threw over then hit the Save Room one more time. You don't want to leave without the Square Crank or Club Key. Make your way back to the Basement (PD-B#7).

R.P.D. Basement

Make your way to the Parking Garage (PD-B#5) then the Autopsy Room (PD-B#3), avoiding 2 Lickers. Enter the Autopsy Room and go to the cabinet in the left hand corner. Grab the Red Card Key then equip your Hand Gun to take care of the undead. That done, head to the Weapons Room (PD-B#2).

You'll find some Shotgun Shells and 2 boxes of Hand Gun Bullets. In the locker you'll find a Sub-Machine Gun and a Side Pack that gives you 2 more Inventory spaces. What you don't take is left for Claire. When you're done, go back upstairs to the 1st Floor of the PD (PD-1#11).

1st Floor 2nd Floor

Go around the stairs and use the Club Key to gain access to the Sleeping Quarters (PD-1#12). Find Shotgun Shells in the lockers then investagate the back room. Grab the Magnum off the table and return to the hall.

Make your way to the PR Room (PD-1#15). Use your Lighter on the Furnace in the corner then turn your attention to the Torches on the wall. Turn the faucets in this order: Middle/12, Right/13, Left/11. The Cog in the opposite corner will be released. Grab it then go to the Library (PD-2#4) on the 2nd Floor via the Ladder in the Main Foyer. Beware of the Licker at the top of the ladder.

In the Library, climb the stairs and pass though the door to the 3rd Floor Balcony. Turn right, and enter the door at the end. Find the hole for the Crank on the right. Use it to lower stairs. Climb the stairs and find the back side of the large clock. Use the Cog and push the button to start the Clock. On the right, a door will open, investagate to find the Knight Plug. Look again and enter the shute.

R.P.D. Basement

Uh, oh. Ben's in trouble. Go to the Cell Block (PD-B#6) to check on him. He'll give you a document then die. Ada isn't impressed. Go back to the Sewage Disposal area (Sewage #3).

Sewage Disposal
Sewage Disposal

When you enter Sewage #3, have the Magnum in hand. That Embryo has coming of age. It should take about 7 hits to put him down. Check your health, then go to the panel and insert the Knight Plug.

You meet up with Ada again and try to put her in her place. Jump down into the water and enter the door at the end (Sewage #6).

Sewer B2

Run down the passage, pulling your self up on the left and entering the Control Room (Sewer:B2#9). Go to the Item Box and grab the Valve Handle. Turn around and go to the file cabinet, get the Hand Gun Bullets, then move the Locker to the left to revile the door to the Warehouse. Descend the ladder.

Turn right and find the Lamp. Use the Lighter to light it. Grab the Magnum Clip off the shelf then run around to the other side. Find the other Lamp in the middle of the wall. Use the Lighter again and grab the Shotgun Shells off the shelf to the right. Return to the Control Room.

Take the Lift down and you'll catch a glimse of Annette Birkin. Ada chases her. Leon takes a bullet for Ada, then she continues the pursuit. Take Ada down the hall (Sewer:B2#8), through the door, jump into the water, turn left and climb the ladder on the right. Run though the Cochroach infested shaft (Sewer:B2#6) and climb down the other ladder. Walk around the walkway to corner Annette. Annette tells the tale of how her husband, William, became the monster that tore up the Police Department. Press Start to skip the movie and save some time. When Annette takes a tumble, cross the room and descend the ladder on the right.

Leon comes to. Go down the hall, jump in the water and turn right. Run though the passage, avoiding Spiders, and turn left (Sewer:B2#7. Pass though the next door. Look for a door on the left and pull yourself up to it.

Run around the path and find the Hydrolic Equipment that raises/lowers the bridge (Sewer:B2#3). Use the Valve Handle to lower it, cross, then use it again to raise it back up. Herbs and Shells can be found near by. Use the door.

Run though the passage (Sewer:B2#4) to the end. You'll see Ada firing shots into a pool of waste (Sewer:B2#5). A Giant Croc tries to take your head off! Turn around and head back the way you came. Stop at Sewer:B2#4 and press the switch to release a Gas Canister. Back up a few steps and hold your Pistol at the ready. When the Croc takes the Canister into it's mouth, fire off a shot to blow it and half the Croc's head with it. Run back down to Sewer:B2#5.

Press the Emergency Release and jump down into the garbage. Cross to Ada and jump out. She'll play nurse and you'll both climb up the ladder. Top side again, hang 2 lefts and grab the Eagle Medallion. Go back around, the way Ada came, to the ladder leading to the Fan Shaft (Sewer:B2#6). Use the Valve Handle to stop the fans. Climb the Ladder and get to the other side.

Off the ladder, turn right and find Shotgun Shells and the Wolf Medal on the 2 Dead Umbrella Agents. Back into the water, run past the ladder to Sewer:B2#7. Zombies now awake. Just run past them to the door on the left. Run straight though this passage to the panel on the right (Sewer:B2#2). Use both Medallions to stop the waterfall. Climb up and use the door.

Run though the passages and find the Power Console for the Sky Tram on the right. Turn it on then enter the Tram on the left, have the pistol in hand. William has a ticket to ride. Just stay near Ada and fire a few shots at the roof when Bill's arm sticks though. Ada will finish him off in time of your arrival at the Vacant Factory.

Vacant Factory
Factory 1st Floor/B-1

Exit the Tram, turn left and go to the dark corner on the right. Grab the Weapon Box Key then find the door leading to the rest of the Factory. This is pretty cool. If you work it right, Ada will help out in killing the Zombies, saving your ammo! If you head off into the left fork, you will find Parts for the Shotgun. The right fork will take you further into the Factory.

Now the right fork has 2 Green Herbs if you need them, otherwise, take the left fork. Ahh, a Save Room (Factory:1#4), been a while huh? Grab the Shotgun Shells and Magnum Clip off the Console then make sure to have the Shotgun w/Parts and ammo at the ready. Some Herbs would be nice also.

Exit the Save Room and head right. Go to the left of the Locomotive and around to the back door. Run up to the front of the Locomotive (Factory :1#5), grab the Control Panel Key and go to the Control Panel (Factory:1#6). Use the Key and activate the Lift.

Doh! Ada fall down, go boom. Better check on that. Go outside of the Locomotive. The door will be locked though out the battle. William makes another appearence. You can run all the way around the Locomotive. It'll take about 10 shots from the Custom Shotgun to take him down. When he's done, go back inside.

Umbrella Laboratory: B-4

You carry Ada to the Save Room/Security Room. Take the Green Herb, Shotgun Shells, and the Magnum Clip. Don't leave without having 2 empty Inventory spaces. Leave, turn right and head to the Main Breaker (Lab:B4#2).

Take the left path then go left at the next intersection (Lab:B4#8). Enter the Sub-Zero Lab (Lab:B4#3) and find the Fuse Case off the cart on the left. Turn around and use the Case on the equipment. A Robotic Arm will assemble the Main Fuse. Take it back to the Main Breaker (Lab:B4#2).

Use the Fuse Case to give power to the rest of the Lab. Now take the right path to the Shielded Door (Lab:B4#4). Get the Shotgun ready and hit the switch. 2 Ivy are waiting. Kill 'em and pass them. Another Ivy is waiting (Lab:B4#5) with 2 Green Herbs. Take the ladder down.

Umbrella Laboratory: B-5

Make your way though the passage, killing the 3 Lickers as you go. There are 3 Green Herbs waiting for you. Contine North to the C-2 Hangar (Lab:B5#3). Stop off at the Item Box to grab the Weapon Box Key. Go though the door.

Run though the hall, turning left at the end. There's a Red Herb in the corner. Enter the door and go to the only lit Locker. Use the Weapon Box Key to get the Parts for the Magnum. Enter the door on the left.

One Zombie is guarding the inner door. Inside the Lab there are 4 more Zombies. Kill them if you need to. You need to make it to Lab:B5#5 to get the Red Card Key. Once it's in hand, Return to the hall.

Head straight down the hall past the Larva to the Red Card Key Door (Lab:B5#6). Inside awaits a large Moth. It will take about 4 shots from either the Shotgun or Magnum to kill it. Then go to the left corner of the room. Use the Hand Gun to clear the Larva off the Computer. Turn the Computer on and use the name: GUEST to register your fingerprint. With that done, go back up to the B-4 Level.

Umbrella Laboratory: B-4

More Ivy (Lab:B4#4). Go around to the Shielded Door (Lab:B4#8) and open it. Run down this passage to the console on the left. Use your finger print to half open the door. Don't worry about actually opening it till the 2nd Senario. Run back to the Red Card Key Door and use the Card.

There's a Zombie right infront of you. Take care of him then hit the light switch just behind him. More Zombies are in the room, about 4 of them. Take them out then find the MO Disk on the right hand table. Return to the door, but don't leave till you have the Magnum Clip from the table on the left.

Annette is pissed. Oh, well. She gets knocked on the noggen and you take the sample from her. Go to the Main Breaker (Lab:B4#2) and take the right path.

Now Ada is testy. There was no way to save her. It's time to get out of here. Go back down to B-5 and have the Shotgun in hand.

Umbrella Laboratory: B-5

Lots of Zombies are between you and the exit (Lab:B5#2). Take them out and use the MO Disk at the console beside the large door. Run though the hall and enter the door on the left.

Run straight though the room to the Elevator. On the right is the switch for it. Hit it then expect old Bill to make his finial appearence.

It should take a total of 6 shots from either the Shotgun or Magnum to take him out. After 2 though, he sheds his last skin and begins jumping around. My personal tatic is to stay in the middle and shoot up at him till he comes back down to the floor. Once he's dead, get on the Elevator.

Simply run though the passage to the departing train then watch the ending!

The End ?

If you finished in under 2:30 hours, didn't save, and didn't use any Health Sprays, you should recieve an A ranking. Also, when you're given a chance to save, do it. It will save as Claire B. When you load that game with Claire's disk, She will have the Rocket Launcher in her Item Box. Beware: If you use Special Weapons, it will automatically lower your ranking by one letter.